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A wide range of feminine hygiene and care products from tampons to vaginal relief as well as over the counter contraceptives and lubricants.

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Flourish Intimate Wash 200ml


Flourish Intimate Wash is specially formulated for the menopause.

It contains chamomile extract and probiotics to gentle cleanse the external vaginal area and provide all day comfort while maintaining your skin natural balance.

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Flourish Menopause Test Kit - 2 pack


The menopause is caused by a modification of the hormonal balance in a woman's body. This change arises generally at around 45 years old but true signs are observed around 55 years old. A menstrual cycle duration becoming irregular is an early indication of the beginning of menopause (perimenopause). The follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) is a hormone which increases during menopause.