Make-Up Brushes and Accessories

We have a wide variety of make-up brushes here at Murphy's Pharmacy to cater for all make-up users, be it for personal use or professional make- up artists, we are sure to be able to accommodate your every need. We have a wide range of brushes of all kinds for every need from the best brands world wide including the finest of Irish brands as well.

Make-Up Brushes and Accessories

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Rebeluna Large Powder Brush RO1


This dense buffing brush is idea for use with pressed, loose and mineral powder products.  The densely packed hair will distribute product evening giving a seamless application and allowing the user to build coverage if desired.

Rebeluna Cosmetics Multi Purpose Powder Brush R04


This soft fluffy multi purpose brush has so many uses. Great for applying powder to small sections of the face. Perfect for bronzer application. It is al great for soft contouring, blush and subtle highlight application. 

A great all round brush!.