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Rebeluna Cosmetics Tapered Kabuki Brush R11


Our tapered kabuki brush is perfect to apply foundation, powder, bronzer, blush and with the unique shape it is great for applying highlighter. Handy for travel as it has so many uses.

Rebeluna Cosmetics Pencil Brush R24


Made from the highest quality hair, this pencil brush is all you need for smoking out liner, applying products along the lower lash line and inner corner of the eye.

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MRS Glam Showstopper Palette

€39.95 €27.95

MRS Glam's signiture palette.

Carefully selected shades feature easy to use combinations for versatile looks from everyday wear through to ultimate glam.

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LMD Master Palette - Remastered

€29.95 €21.95

The Ultimate palette has been remastered. From soft looks through to show stopping glam, the Remastered Palette is a makeup bag must have.